Criteria for Approval

The following criteria applies to residential dwelling units
within the city limits of Seattle

An initial completed application includes receipt of all of the following information, documentation, and submissions from you and all co-applicants:

  • Signed and dated Tenant Screening Disclosure and Landlord Reference Check Authorization
  • Signed and dated WMC Application for Housing for which all questions are answered completely and in full
  • If applicable, a signed, dated letter or other documentation from a medical professional denoting that the applicant has a disability which necessitates the medical need for a trained dog guide or service animal
  • Verification by the leasing agent of applicant’s possession of an original, valid (unexpired) government-issued photo identification, which must be a passport, driver’s license, state identification, or Permanent Resident card
  • A personal check for which the applicant is the primary account holder; the check must check bear the pre-printed name of the applicant and be used to pay the nonrefundable application screening fee

In addition to the required application materials indicated above, WMC may request the following additional information from the applicant as well as obtain information from the following sources:

  • Verification of income from employment and any and all other alternative income sources
  • Credit history, court records, rental history, and criminal background records (state and national)
  • Results from a nicotine or cotinine test from applicant administered by Agent
  • Pay stubs from applicant’s employer(s) from up to four (4) months preceding the date of application
  • Bank statements from up to the last four (4) months preceding the date of application
  • Federal tax returns from up to the previous two (2) years
  • Inspection of applicant’s current housing
  • Current and any and all previous landlords
  • The Internet, including, but not limited to, social media and online skip-tracing and screening services

The following criteria denotes the minimum threshold required for approval:

  • Your or your co-applicant’s personal check must not be returned for any reason, bank error excepted
  • Your credit report indicates you have not filed for bankruptcy, nor have you had a foreclosure
  • Court records do not reflect a financial judgment (satisfied or unsatisfied) for any amount for any reason
  • Your current or previous landlord has not initiated or has not taken legal action against you
  • If applicable, you must not fail to fully comply with Agent’s request for additional information within 72 hours
  • Your current and/or previous landlords must indicate that they would rent to you in the future
  • Your application must be complete and only reflect truthful, honest statements
  • Upon approval, you or your co-applicant must to execute a Reservation Agreement and pay the stated Nonrefundable Reservation Fee in a timely manner. Pursuant to RCW 59.18.253, the Nonrefundable Reservation Fee shall be applied in full toward the Refundable Security Deposit
  • Your Social Security Number and name must match and be verified by AppFolio, Incorporated
  • Your and your co-applicants’ combined minimum gross monthly income from all verifiable sources of income, including subsidy programs, must be greater than or equal to the amount of your and your co-applicants’ combined estimated monthly debt service (as determined by AppFolio), plus $4,000.00, plus $2,000.00 times the total number of occupants (adults and children) who will be residing in the dwelling unit
  • You must have at least three (3) consecutive years of verifiable rental and/or mortgage payment history within the last four (4) years
  • Number of occupants must be less than or equal to two people per bedroom or studio unit, regardless of age
  • You must have co-habitated with all co-applicants for three (3) or more consecutive years
  • Your credit history must reflect at least two accounts established for at least three (3) consecutive years
  • You must have a FICO score and it must be 700 or higher
  • You must have a current, active checking account which has been open for three (3) or more years in your name
  • Your current landlord must indicate that you have given proper notice to vacate and will release you from the obligations of your lease agreement
  • You do not owe money to your current or previous landlord
  • All of your credit accounts are in good standing; you have no delinquent financial obligations
  • No credit account has been paid 30 or more days late
  • You are not currently in any stage of the process of being evicted, including being under a notice pay or vacate
  • Your landlord references must not report one or more untimely payments, damage, uncleanliness, complaints from neighboring tenants, and/or rule violations
  • If tested, you must test negative for nicotine and/or cotinine denoting the likelihood of being a smoker or having exposure to second-hand smoke
  • Your co-applicant(s) must meet all minimum criteria