Services For Associations

We provide our homeowner associations with all services necessary to operate a successful association including association management, financial and accounting services, and maintenance.

We assist the board in managing the activities and decisions of the association. Additionally, we commonly manage the assets of the community—common areas, recreation sites, club houses, playgrounds, etc. Management services typically include:

….» Assisting the board in enforcing compliance with CC&Rs
….» Maintaining all association records
….» Preparing and distributing meeting notices
….» Attending meetings as directed by the board

Finance and Accounting
We work on your behalf to provide timely and accurate financial statements, homeowner account resolution and promptly paid vendors. Our services include:

….» Collecting HOA dues and miscellaneous income
….» Free online system for collection of dues
….» Paying vendor invoices
….» Preparing financial statements and reports
….» Coordinating the preparation of reserve studies
….» Coordinating tax returns and audits
….» Assessing late charges and fines based on association policy
….» Collecting delinquent homeowner assessments
….» Establishing and maintaining association bank accounts
….» Coordinating budget analysis and preparation

Property Maintenance
Maintenance work can be performed by our own crew or by licensed, insured vendors. As most of our business is maintaining our own properties, we are uniquely equipped to carry out maintenance jobs including repairs, painting, plumbing, landscaping, and performing emergency services. As a member of HD Supply, we can procure supplies and equipment at a significant discount over retail outlets such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.